Why Blacker47? What mean 47?

For a long time I did not use a nickname. But as soon as I got the game StarCraft I needed one.

So I created my first nickname, which was Blackice. It included my sympathy to the color black. After some time I changed it into Blacker, but I don't remember the exact reason anymore, I just disliked Blackice a bit.

As I started exploring the internet and created an own identity there, I got problems with existing identities using the nickname Blacker. Since I didn't want to change my nickname, I had to alter it.

I added the number 47 and formed Blacker47 by that. The 47 comes from a gag from my ancient school. We found out, that this number appears alot in our lives (like illuminati's 23).

47 does not have anything to do with my age ;-).

More about 47 in my 47-FAQ, which is in german language.

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